Teenage Pregnancy Support Groups

Find a place of belonging in a support group for single and pregnant women near you.

If you're a pregnant teen, you're not alone. Embrace Grace, a non-profit organization exists to help inspire and equip the church to care for single and pregnant young women and their families. Pregnant teens often face stigma and judgment, but we believe they deserve loving support and gentle guidance. At Embrace Grace, we’re here to ensure that no young mother starts her journey alone.

Who We Are

At Embrace Grace, we're committed to living the gospel through our actions, especially when it comes to supporting teen moms and pregnant teens. We're not a church; we're a ministry. Our heartfelt dream is to connect every young woman facing an unexpected pregnancy with a supportive church community in her local area. We do this through our teenage pregnancy support groups. Our teenage pregnancy support groups are more than just a social gathering; they provide a range of supportive services that offer genuine, actionable assistance. From teaching essential parenting skills to offering job interviewing skills, we aim to equip teen parents for the challenges ahead. Need advice on managing finances or ensuring a healthy pregnancy? We offer free classes that cover these topics and more. Our ultimate goal is to provide teen parents, including birth parents, with the resources and tools they need to succeed in parenting and achieve their educational and career goals.

Get Support for Unplanned Pregnancy

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, but Embrace Grace is here to offer you the support and resources you need. Every pregnant teen and young mother in our free support groups finds a welcoming community that guides her from fear to joy. We aim to connect you with a compassionate church community committed to empowering you. We offer various types of support groups tailored to meet the unique needs of both teenage mothers and fathers. Specifically, we have two key programs for young women at different stages of their journey: Embrace Grace for those expecting and Embrace Life for those navigating motherhood. These groups provide emotional encouragement and practical advice on parenting skills, educational goals, and life skills.

Embrace Grace: For Single and Pregnant Mothers

We designed Embrace Grace (our first group) specifically for single, pregnant women. This includes young women, making it the perfect teenage pregnancy support group for expecting teen mothers. If an unplanned pregnancy has affected your life, we want to walk with you during your journey. Whether you choose to raise your child or place them for adoption, we will love and encourage you. When you join this support group, you’ll meet weekly for 12 weeks, make new friends, and receive a baby shower in honor of you and your new miracle.

How It Works

Experiencing teenage pregnancy can be overwhelming, which is why Embrace Grace has developed a simple series of steps toward community, life, and salvation. If you are a single teenager experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, click the button below to find a support group near you. When your baby is born with the support of your church, you are part of changing the future and protecting generations. You’ll receive salvation, and your heart will be healed. Finally, your church will throw you a baby shower, with local members chipping in to ensure you have everything you need to begin your new life with your baby. After the close of the 12-week program, you’ll be a member of your local church family. At this point, you can continue to meet with your new family and potentially join a support group like Embrace Life after the baby is born.

Embrace Life: For Single Mothers

If you’re walking through a season of single motherhood, you are not alone. Embrace Life is there to help as you exit pregnancy and enter the wonderful journey that is motherhood. Our mission is to help young mothers choose joy and gain the confidence they need to become the women and mothers of their dreams. Embrace Life meets weekly for 2 semesters and is led by wise women who understand motherhood. You’ll receive mentorship, make new friends, and gain skills that will help you discover what you’re passionate about. This loving group ensures that you have an equally devoted family after you graduate from a teenage pregnancy support group.

Find Your Teenage Pregnancy Support Group Today

No single mother should have to walk alone. If you’re experiencing a teen pregnancy, you may be worried about several obstacles, such as finances, family, emotional support, and spiritual health. But Embrace Grace can help you focus on your baby by helping your church focus on supporting you. Our mission is to create positive connections between young women and their churches. We’re here to heal, hope, and help. Contact us today to learn more and get started with grace.

Goodbye Fear,
Hello Joy

An unexpected pregnancy can be scary. It’s normal to feel lost and alone and even a little afraid. We know what that’s like - and we can help.